TikTok Could Change Your Life

Skip the awkward beginner videos and get right to making TikToks that people love.

I Want to Make Awesome TikToks! – $19

You know what TikTok has done for some of your favorite creators.

They went from regular everyday people like you to brand deals and creator fund cash practically overnight.

TikTok really can be life changing.

Once you’ve learned how to create great videos on the app, your account is going to start getting the attention it deserves.

When you have the attention of an audience, you open up a lot of opportunities for yourself.

TikTok Growth from Pocket Video Academy will show you how to get that attention by creating videos that make people hit those like and follow buttons.

It’ll be up to you to decide what to do with all that attention!

I Want to Be TikTok Famous! – $19

TikTok Growth Happens in 3 Simple Steps

Master The App

You might think you know how to make a TikTok, but there are so many tips, tricks and hidden features that can really elevate your videos.

Master the App and stop being frustrated because you can’t get the idea in your head onto the screen.

Get Your Bio Just Right

Once your videos start getting attention, you’re going to want your bio to really pull in your true fans.

When your bio tells people how you can help them, they’re going to want to hit that Follow button.

Learn the Growth Hacks

Now it’s time to really grow your account!

We’ve got all the popular growth hacks in one place so you can experiment and finally see the content you’re creating get the attention it deserves.

I’m Stephen, Your TikTok Growth Coach

Every time I tell someone to try TikTok, they laugh and say, “Isn’t that just a bunch of teenagers dancing?”

But you and I know that there is so much potential to be had if you can get TikTok right.

Money flows to where the attention is and when people love your TikToks, you can get a lot of attention.

I want to help you create TikToks that you’ll love making and your audience will really love watching.

That is, after all, how you grow on TikTok.

I can’t wait to see what you make!

I Want to Grow on TikTok! – $19